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Wednesday, June 8th - To Do

Started Jun-8 by scapermom; 144 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got 

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From: scapermom


Ugh woke to a fraud alert on my credit card, so getting some coffee in me then I’ll deal with that

Got morning routine started- dog’s been out, and fed, need to start a load, and deal with kitchen. DH left a note he started dishwasher at 4amish so I’ll unload and put that away

4 minute workouts and some strength training 

zone mission- faucet

Perhaps an Aldi run

its Wednesday, so bills and such

No idea about dinner 

watched the 3 episodes of The Boys last night, so tonight some Westworld 



From: friedchickn


Pouring I guess I won't work in the yard.

Managed to finish the one flower bed I wanted to finish this I'll get started on "next week's bed" tomorrow.

I don't have a single thing on my schedule I can really focus on chopping my to do list down.  It's ridiculously long and a lot of it is just small tasks.  So I'll be busy...

Started watching Our Father on netflix while I finished ironing...then just sat and chilled.  I have about 30 minutes left today.  So I'll finish that.

Working out...maybe a yoga later.

Pizza for dinner...need to see what I have for toppings that'll work.  

And we started Ozark last 1.5 episodes probably another 1.5 tonight.  I think this 1/2 season is 4 episodes? 5?