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Tuesday, June 21st - To Do

Started Jun-21 by scapermom; 79 views.
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From: scapermom


Someone’s getting trees cut on the block and they’ve been at it quite a while…welcome to summer in suburbia- cue the lawn mowers and blowers next ugh

Started the morning routine- dogs done, did a quick empty wash to clean it since I did dog blanket yesterday and it’s very hairy in there, next I’ll do a regular load. Kitchen in progress 

zone is master bedroom this week - yesterday was under bed, today is top 

dog walk before heat and rain

since my credit card got hacked and I now have the replacement, I need to change everything it was connected to - should fill a good portion of the day

Ill spend some time on the bike for cardio today

want to try making this quinoa and mushroom dish I saw for dinner tonight- also have chicken thighs DH grilled last night and salad greens to go with it 

All caught up with The Boys so tonight is Westworld 


From: friedchickn


Early start...left my phone on the boat...couldn't go back last night (not sober) and couldn't ask dh (after he babysat our drunk asses all day) I got up at 6....popped my pills...and went back to get it.

Dog was wicked itching ALLLLLL last night.  So when I got back this morning, I checked him good....and yup.  Big ugly hot spot.  So I have a vet appt at 3.  I'm just happy they could get us in.

What a way to start the day....sigh i sit, sipping my coffee and getting my self all resorted.

I have all of Monday's Tuesday's a vet appt now.  Oh boy.

I'll just get done what I can get done.  This week's big project...mulch AND WEED the lower flower bed/rock wall.....that should take this week and potentially next...sigh