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Wednesday, July 5th - To Do

Started Jul-6 by scapermom; 134 views.

From: friedchickn


Still playing catch up.  Slept in at I feel mildly rested.

No workouts today...I'll do a romwod stretching later.

Pulled out every bread tail I could find in the freezer and I'll be making a batch of bread crumbs.  Also grabbed a pizza dough...we're gonna pizza tonight and go out tomorrow as the restaurant we want to go to isnt open tonight.  Sourdough starter is gonna turn into biscuits.  I'll make those after lunch.

Continue dealing with the laundry.

Bills and emails, week money...leftover from Monday.

Just finished watering the plants.

Dog's hot spot is I picked up another round of meds...need to make a chart for that.

piano practice.

cat litter

Schedule the dog toes

call GG

Drop off lasagnas at my ILs

Dog bowls

Dump run

Meeting a friend in Cambridge next Monday so I need to find a restaurant and make reservation.

Still watching the Flight attendant on HBO


From: scapermom


Been wanting to watch thaT. Hairdresser dropped some viewing tips last night - Peaky Blinders and Behind her eyes on Netflix. I also started watching Becoming Elizabeth on STARZ - I’m a sucker for a period piece tho 


From: friedchickn


I love period pieces and I soooooo want to see that one.  We don't have I'll keep my eyes open for a free trial deal