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Monday. August 1st- To Do

Started Aug-1 by scapermom; 128 views.

From: friedchickn


Monday monday monday....

Dh went to go get his tires changed...and now he needs new brakes he'll be back there on Thursday.  I'd say I had a quiet morning but the dog is all wound up and barky this morning...hate when he's barky.


Breakfast was boat leftovers...made myself a scramble and topped with cheese. Not much to tidy up in the kitchen.

Started laundry I'll continue with that.

A workout...must stay on track.

Bills, emails, receipts, week money and water the plants...usual Monday stuff.

Cat litter too.

Shake the vanilla bottles

Pushing my sourdough til Wednesday.

Headed to Boggle...visiting a friend's brothers lake house for today's game!

And have to check on my mother in law at some point today....she's on her own....


From: friedchickn


We also decided that since dh goes out on sabbatical for this month that we are gonna keep track of every single cent we spend and why to analyze for future retirement...

Kinda a test run of sorts.