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Friday, September 9th - To Do

Started Sep-9 by scapermom; 102 views.
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From: scapermom


Week just sped by! slept in and mornings barely started - dogs done but that’s it

threw open windows because it’s nice and cool for the moment

found the veggie bag and unloaded - many tomatoes and peppers in there - going to have to visit the local Italian market for sausages to go with some of it

ordered the emergency food box I’ve been eyeing. Also prepping with ‘5 cans’ every shopping trip. Hurricane season has started and lit a fire under me. I remember Sandy and being without power for over a week

Zone mission is to check cleaning supplies 

Did something to my good knee, so thinking maybe just some easy yoga or floor exercises today

I think I can manage a dog walk at least

dd wants help planning a menu and making a shopping list for it. She’s probably going to get a delivery this weekend since she’ll be busy with homework and her DJ shift

In the mood for shrimp tonight - I’ll see what the Italian place has in their fish department that looks good 

we were supposed to go by my sisters this weekend but her son has Covid 


From: friedchickn


Short list today....workout, get cleaned up...pack and head out.