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Friday, October 28th - To Do

Started Oct-28 by scapermom; 165 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine moving along - dog done, kitchen done, need to move laundry to dryer in a bit

zone mission is dealing with neglected areas

Christmas mission -  falling behind already

workout 15 mins 

I’m not sure what I did yesterday, but there are a bunch of leftover tasks from that list - order the dang baby gift being tops, also tackling paper clutter I left in my planner - there’s a pile of mail that needs to be dealt with as well

Dog walk 

was considering a Target run 

going to throw some chicken drumsticks in the crockpot for tonight’s dinner in a few


From: friedchickn


Slept pretty good....

Breakfast is done.  Kitchen is cleaned up.

I have to drop off some things at a friend's house and I'm just waiting for her to reply ok.

Workout at 11

Piano practice.

Anything leftover from the week...

Tonight dh and I are going to go see the new George Clooney/Julia Roberts movie Ticket to happy to be able to see movies again.


From: scapermom


I kept getting ads for that movie…how was it?


From: friedchickn


Really really cute. all romcom's are...but the writing was witty and good.