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Monday, November 7th - To Do

Started Nov-7 by scapermom; 107 views.
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From: scapermom


Had some good aerobic exercise already - today’s Heardle (which I got in the 1st note/round) had me dancing around the house doing the morning routine lol! Listening to the rest of the excellent album now thanks to spotify

I think I’m going to have to do at least 2 loads today. There’s the normal sheets for monday and I’m out of dish towels, so need to do those next

never set up my planner for the week so will do that and maybe some meal planning? That’s this month’s habit. I’m off hte hot melt. My mind set was not feeling the keto. I need a damn sweet potato when they’re in season!

goingto plank and maybe a fast strength routine

I’ll do the rest of the weekly home blessing with flylady at 11

zone & holiday missions when I find out what they are. Need to geton the gift giving train but no idea what to get most of the people on my list

can’t get my EarPods to connect to my iPad anymore for some reason so need to figure that out. Then I can listen to an audiobook while getting stuff done

We’re having like a crazy second summer with the weather and today looks like the last day in the 70s for a while so I think we’ll grill something for dinner - burgers? I’ll need to run out for some rolls for DH, mine will be salad style


From: friedchickn


And I'm in around 1 am and then I just couldn't settle down til almost 3.  Up at today should suck biscuits!!!!

Not going to lunch with the ladies....I'm over peopled and I have that retirement party tonight soooo.  I'll just focus on getting my body and my house back in order.

Piano lesson got canceled for tomorrow....yeah, cause I was gonna cancel anyways and this way I get a makeup lesson.

Picking up a bundle of reading glasses at noon from our local Buy Nothing page.  Those will need a serious cleaning/sorting.

I'll be doing my flexibility workout in a bit.  A workout later and I'm going to really really try to get back to 10,000 steps.  Not doing my long marina weekend walks is killing me.  I also have to do my plank for the planksgiving.

Laundry...omg the laundry

Also need to go freezer and pantry diving and see what we need for food for the week.

and the usual Monday stuff....bills, receipts, emails, week money, water plants.

Gonna be a long day....