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Thursday, November 10th - To Do

Started Nov-10 by scapermom; 112 views.
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From: scapermom


So tired - should have turned around and went back to bed instead of getting up

Started morning tasks with the dog, she’s loving the cold! Will be getting on the rest of the tasks in a bit

zone mission is the counters

holiday mission will be next - started buying non perishables for thanksgiving in yesterday’s grocery shop & have a small turkey ordered - so that’s something 

plank at some point - dog attacked me yesterday while doing on lol

want to try making a chewy molasses cookie recipe I came across. Probably should have picked up more butter yesterday, I’ll add it to the next list

Dog walk later

think we’ll be going out for dinner tonight for a change of pace


From: friedchickn



This has been a very long week....and it's not even close to over.

I have the library committee mtg this morning, then I'm headed to lunch afterwards with a friend.  We were going to go for a hike too....but she's got stuff to do we postponed til another day.

Slow workout day...I'll do my planksgiving challenge and I have yoga class tonight.  Might take the dog for a longer than usual walk if I can squeeze it in.

piano practice

dh has plenty of leftovers for lunch....dinner...steaks, potatoes and I'll prep delicata squash fries for dh to throw in while I'm at yoga.

And that's about it....