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Saturday and Sunday, November 12th and 13th - to do

Started Nov-12 by friedchickn; 137 views.
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From: friedchickn


What a weekend list????  Yup

Been up for awhile.  Dh is working on the shelf and clothes hanging bar in my laundry room.  That should finish up the construction part....then I just need to do some touch up paint, maybe get a bigger basket or bin for that shelf and well....clean.  Happy to get it done before the holidays...cause I've been using dd's room as overflow/storage and obviously can't do that when she's here.

Dh's mom is playing cello at a concert we're headed to see that.  (Might be the last time ya know...)  Then we'll take them to dinner.

Plank challenge

and a few things here and weird to have a weekend at home.


From: scapermom


Boat season finally done for now? 

Sometimes we need that weekend list too!

we’re having a pretty low key day. Watching the big cortica jug game now - DDs school 

Took care of the basics, planked & did some yoga to stretch out after, helped DH clear some leaves - seems never ending

we’ll walk the dog after the game

DH & I need to review the new benefits package

More of The Crown later 

Took out a weird cut of beef left from the last butcher box that I’m not sure how I’ll cook


From: friedchickn


Yes...Boat season is done.  Sigh...gonna miss it.

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From: friedchickn


Sunday Funday!!!!

Had my very last meal until my colonoscopy....sigh.  Now it's all clear fluids.

Finished up the laundry room...touched up the paint and put things back where they belong.  I love it!!!

Dh wants to go see Wakanda we'll go see that at 4.

Plank challenge...and some piano practice...that's about it!