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Monday, November 14th - To Do

Started Nov-14 by scapermom; 114 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Morning and Monday routines in full swing - stripped bed, towels, linens, table & counters sanitized, doggo out, laundry & kitchen started

Rest of tasks with flylady at 11

zone mission - we’re in the main bathroom this week, is to check supplies

I’m behind on holiday missions so will try to catch up on those. Thanksgiving we’ll be bringing the bulk of the food to my in-laws, then dessert by my sister’s

father in law not doing great - multitude of issues there

habit is meal planning and I’m still fluttering with that 

need to replace the water filter

I’ll plank at some point, maybe get on the bike a bit

dog walk

Thinking a chicken sheet pan dinner

still have The Crown and I missed the premier of Yellowstone so should catch up on that if I can


From: friedchickn


Thank God coffee is on the list of acceptable foods....cause seriously.  Slept like crap...pun intended.  Oddly, not hungry...just jittery (even before the coffee).

Did my plank challenge, started laundry and finished putting away a bin that came off the boat.  Thought I was done....nope.

Next up....make some jello.  Not a huge fan of jello.  That's more dh's style.  But there's so few things to eat/drink that I'll do anything.

Normal Monday stuff...bills, receipts, emails, water plants.

Meeting my ladies for Boggle....obviously won't be lunching....although maybe I can get a bowl of broth or something....sigh.  Isn't there a brothy soup at asian restaurants?

Piano practice

That's about it....bonus that I don't really have to do any meal prep...told dh he was on his own.  Or workout, cause that seems like a quick way to pass out.  Did pick up a book so I might sit peacefully and read....


From: scapermom


Colonoscopy prep is the pits - good luck! Aren’t you young for it? Or did they lower the age for that too now? I remember feeling very refreshed, like I just had my best sleep after the procedure


From: friedchickn


I think they've lowered the age to like 50 or something....both dh and I had to have it this year...dh got a 10 year pass....I'm hoping to eek out with a 3 year pass....