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Tuesday, November 15th - To Do

Started Nov-15 by scapermom; 126 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - dogs out, laundry’s going, kitchen tbd

breakfast - quit the intermittent fasting thing - has’t helped one iota

I’ll do plank and a quick workout then get cleaned up and head to my hair appointment

need to work on my menu for thanksgiving 

zone mission is shining the main bathroom‘s sink & counters

holiday mission

do some more research on the benefits to finalize 

dinner is the chicken Imade last night that took forever to cook so we ate leftovers instead

I’ll see if I can get through more of the book I started


From: friedchickn


Day 10,008 without  Honestly I've only really been hungry like once...I had some broth and it seemed to kill the hunger pains.  Thank God I can have coffee...

Dh got I'm making that disappear.

I have a piano lesson

and everything else is just gonna be small mindless ironing napkins, maybe wrapping gifts....that kinda stuff...


From: scapermom


The longer you go without food the cleaner your insides will be! Or so they say.

is the procedure tomorrow?

can you drink coconut water? That would give you some electrolytes for when you start to drink the horrid ‘prep’ (or take the pills) that cleans you out. I had the fizzy stuff in the bottle and I gagged and almost puked the 2nd bottle just couldn’t get it down


From: friedchickn


The procedure is tomorrow...AFTERNOON!!!!

I can drink coconut water.  I also got some pedialyte...which is disgusting by the way.

The fizzy stuff got recalled and isn't back on the there's more steps to the prep now...which is annoying.  I honestly preferred the mag gross as it is.