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Thursday, November 17th - To Do

Started Nov-17 by scapermom; 115 views.

From: friedchickn


Cleaning lady is here early....sigh....I will not complain about getting my house cleaned...I swear.

Dh is off skiing this morning.  Thank goodness for snow.

I did a few of GG's bills, a few of ours, his checkstatement, fixed a couple floral arrangements, and wrapped a gift for dd.

Next up...finalize my grocery list and then hit the grocery.  I'll have to drop some of it off for my ILs later.  My FIL was very receptive to trying some of the easy to cook stuff I suggested so I figured I'd pick up the first round so he could see exactly what I bought.

There will be a workout at some point.

I have the farmer's market today.

piano practice

more laundry

the plank challenge

we started a new series on Peacock last night called The Calling....pretty decent.