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Friday, November 25th-to do

Started Nov-25 by friedchickn; 134 views.
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From: friedchickn


So today is my actual Thanksgiving. 

Dh should be on his way back from skiing any minute, dd is downstairs studying...I started some laundry and I'm just checking on a few orders that haven't shipped yet.

All the sides are prepped and ready to go...I'll take them out soon to get to roomish temp.

Guest room is ready for our overnight guests....just need to finalize a 4+ mile loop for our walk tomorrow morning.

We'll bring plates to my inlaws since they're both covid positive.

And that's about it...feeling pretty good about it all.


From: scapermom


Still exhausted from yesterday. Making and taking the food to my in-laws wasn’t any easier apparently. We got to come home in between then went back out to my sister’s for dessert

Also the power went out around 2am - glad it was after we had our big meal. But dog freaked out for some reason and I was up for a while

My body feels like I did several big workouts yesterday, so going to take it easy. My knee is especially bothering me

i’ve got laundry going and should get to the bills I didn’t do on Wednesday 

want to write some notes in my thanksgiving planner

I’ll peruse some online sales

I’ll make something with the leftovers tonight - ended up with half a turkey to take home

would love to curl up & do some reading