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Monday, November 28th-to do

Started Nov-28 by friedchickn; 145 views.

From: scapermom


Yikes can’t believe how late I slept, but guess the past week’s events have exhausted me more than I thought? Also not able to fall asleep so good lately even with the meditation tapes so may need to get back to melatonin now & again?

Priority today is getting the house back in order with the weekly home blessing and regular routines

Already started laundry, & dog’s been out, stripped beds, replaced linens, kitchen surfaces have been sanitized 

I’ll do the rest of the tasks with flylady at 11 hopefully

Put away thanksgiving things 

need to update the planner for the week

Nice long dog walk if I can manage it. Need to check on when she’s due for her meds

its cyber Monday & there’s at least 1 thing I want to check if there’s a deal on 

DH is working a double today, but I’ll make dinner anyway so if he’s hungry when he gets home there’s something to eat 

still have the Crown to finish watching


From: scapermom


I made bone broth with the carcass & it came out really good if I do say so myself lol. Then with most of the broth I made a turkey & wild rice soup - dd took a quart I froze back up with her

DH put some lights up on the porch since the weather was pretty mild a day or 2 last week