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Tuesday, November 29th - To Do

Started Nov-29 by scapermom; 128 views.

From: friedchickn


Why is it so hard to get back in the groove of things....felt like nothing got done everything needs to get today....arrgghh

Breakfast is done...but we are down to the last couple I need a trip to the farm

I'll wait til after lunch to start packing all the sides away.  Dinner...will be a deep dish pizza using the meat and cheese from nacho prep.  Dessert...the last of the Thanksgiving apple crisp.  Which basically means that Thursday will be a fresh start.

Piano lesson got canceled...but I still need to practice.

A workout and then the plank challenge and then....maybe a romwod

Xmas tree never made it that

The remaining tasks from yesterday....and today.....


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From: scapermom


Slept in again, but at least not as late as yesterday 

Getting back into routine slowly - morning tasks moving along 

DH is home today since he worked the double yesterday

zone mission is to find things that don’t belong in the living/family room and put them where they do belong

holiday mission catch up - need to focus on gifts

so many emails - would be a good time to unsubscribe to some

 Sheet pan chicken thighs with the last of the thanksgiving veggies for dinner