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Wednesday, November 30th - To Do

Started Nov-30 by scapermom; 116 views.

From: friedchickn


Morning is WELL underway....7:30 dr's appt meant an early wakeup.  On the plus side....breakfast is done, kicthen cleaned up, pliability workout done, cat litter done....and I'm headed off to go for a long dog walk with a friend in just a few.

Lunch...probably the last of the leftovers before I send it all to the freezer.  Then I'll run the dishwasher

At some point...a workouta nd piano practice.

Noon I need to do the split update for the farmer's market (accounting crap)

Dh got paid so I need to make it disappear...

Plank challenge

Decorate the tree...and gather the already wrapped gifts to put under it....and I found dd's stocking, so I'll start loading that.

Schedule the dog nail appt