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Thursday, December 1st - To Do

Started Dec-1 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


Welcome the month with a list?

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From: scapermom


Tried my best to get a good nights sleep, but I was up from 5ish on and off, finally got up at 8:15 when dd texted

Got the morning started - dog, laundry, kitchen, breakfast FaceTime with DD

zone is to remove any autumn decorations still lingering - which I don’t have but I’ll find a replacement - online gift shopping?

leftovers from yesterday include receipts

dog walk if not too frigid out

maybe some yoga 

it’s errand day & I need to get some toiletry items and a protein bar or 2 I can eat as a substitute dinner tonight. I’m going to a concert with my friend and we probably won’t have time to eat a proper one. Regretting agreeing to go to this already… she’s picking me up around 5ish 

read a chapter if I need something to help me wind down when I get back


From: friedchickn


How is it December?

Managed to cross everything off my list for the second day in a row....but boy did it take a toll.  I'm exhausted!

Just ordered the last gift for my BFF....once that arrives I'll ship off her box.  Also want to finish up my families from the Giving Tree today and drop that stuff off.  That'll take a couple errands.

Scheduled dog toes for noon

Wanna do the long pliability workout (and load it on my ipad)

piano practice

Lunch will be leftovers from last night...making Thai turkey stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner...I'll cook up 2 extra potatoes and enough extra turkey so we have lunch on Friday.

And I need to pull my sourdough starter out to heat up overnight

If i have time and energy....put up the greens and lights on the stair's a whole process, but dh does have a late night call so I might be bored...