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Friday, December 2nd - To Do

Started Dec-2 by scapermom; 122 views.
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From: scapermom


Ugh one night out and everything hurts! Gonna take it easy today & only do the bare minimum

Morning routine started

zone is to wipe down dining room table & chairs

Holiday super cruise missions have started

Order some gifts. Got a sense of who we’re seeing and not, so my idea of mailing food baskets will work for the aunts

We should probably get the tree going this weekend. DH is home today and will go by his parents this afternoon but I have him for the morning & evening.

Do some cards, respond to those I got so far

need to check if I put in a payment or not

Filing needs doing

long dog walk on this sunny day

Took out some halibut for dinner 

read a chapter - book actually got better but there’s a lot of shifting of character stories going on. Feel like I’m reading a lot but electronic pages are moving slow 


From: friedchickn


Just getting on now...dh was at a career panel at the high school so I was being a busy bee while he was gone.  Wrapped a few gifts, finished decorating and put the bins away, made carrot sticks and prepped a few things for meals this weekend, did my pliability workout and hand washed my bras!

Just finished lunch and cleaned up the kitchen...I'll do a crossfit workout at 3 and piano after that (maybe before).  Long dog walk too.

Tonight...dinner is leftovers and then we'll probably head to the bar to see some friends.