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Monday, December 5th-to do

Started Dec-5 by friedchickn; 100 views.

From: scapermom


Took a melatonin last night & it knocked me the hell out, but I’m still groggy! That’s why I don’t like those things. I need to learn to take them earlier I guess?

We just lost power & wifi for some reason? It’s cold? Seems like everything’s booted back up now at least, tho I have to reset a clock or 2

Morning routine & weekly home blessing started - laundry, bed, linens, dog, sanitized, kitchen tbd 

Rest of the WHB with flylady at 11 

zone mission - in the kitchen this week and wipe down cabinets is #1

Thinking to start the week with a good yoga session or basic strength training

Continue cards & gifts 

update the planner

dog ran out of her treats so may run to pet smart then I can pop into Whole Foods next door for some goodies for me

Did some meal prep yesterday -meatballs in sauce in the instant pot, with spaghetti squash and sheet pan boneless chicken thighs and sweet potatoes. There’s also shrimp leftover from Saturday 

read more - Liking the story more, glad I stuck with it, but hoping it doesn’t flip around too much anymore