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Wednesday, December 7th - To Do

Started Dec-7 by scapermom; 183 views.

From: friedchickn


It's pouring the dog walk may be off...meeting my friend for coffee and then we'll assess

Made my self apple cinnamon overnight oats since I had an apple that needed to be used.  Soooo good and easy.

Dh is home and is on calls alllllll day.  So I'm kinda on my own.

Made some rice in the steamer so that we had something for lunch....the last of the leftover Thai chicken will go nicely on it.  And I pulled 3 servings of omelet casserole out of the freezer for breakfasts.  (3rd freezer item....check).  made a pizza dough yesterday from my sourdough maybe we'll do that for dinner instead of going out....maybe not.  I'm happy either way.

Need to hit the grocery for a few staples.  If we don't end up walking the dog I'll do that. 

Cat litter.  Piano practice.  And a workout.

Buti yoga was so much fun.  I felt like one of those inflatable guys in front of a used car lot....and probably looked like one too.  It's definitely a different workout so I'm going to take advantage of the fact that she's teaching in December and play it by ear after that...

I watched the series The Empress....on netflix.  It's good and just got renewed.


From: friedchickn


My fridge is usually great.  Any time I have an empty (or close to empty) shelf, I give it a quick clean.  It never really gets that bad because of it...

I haven't had a paper planner in years....


From: scapermom


I can’t seem to get away from the paper planner habit. I downloaded an app that was supposed to replace the paper planner, but have yet to  open it. It’s still on my iPad so should probably give it a try before deleting it 


From: friedchickn


I switched to a tablet....a remarkable... and google calendar.  

Once you get into it and start really personalizing it, the online calendar is amazing.  I have several calendars that I can view (at the same time)...dh's work, dd's school, mine and the family calendar. 

I never miss anything.  On my calendar I add all teh things I want to keep track of....vehicle stuff (inspections, registrations), household maintenance, birthdays, anniversaries, heck...even silly stuff like when to bring in the fig trees.  

And because you can set up how it repeats, I don't have to transcribe stuff every year.  It's there...til I take it off.