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Thursday, March 2nd - To Do

Started 3/2/23 by scapermom; 135 views.
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From: scapermom


Having a hectic morning - found one of dh’s air compressor running/charging in the garage? Generally making noises I’ve never heard before - texted him with no answer so have been looking up the manual & trying to see how to shut the damn thing off without hurting myself or breaking the thing… but it’s stopped now on it’s own. Think it was charging or decompressing? 

well that got my blood pumping 

slept late due to taking melatonin late 

barely started morning routine - dog’s been out, but not fed, laundry & kitchen tbd (did I run the dishwasher last night?)

Zone is decluttering the dining room 

don’t know what the new habit is for the month, but will once I get to the email

have to get through over 100 emails

Need to find a new stick vac stat

Got waylaid from this page for ages… calls & FaceTime and facebook  

Walk at home with some arm work 

Dog walk later when dh is home

think we’ll finally have those sheet pan burger salads for dinner tonight


From: friedchickn


He probably just left it on....they leak from the tank/fittings, so will periodically run to refill the holding tank.  There should be a switch...just flip it


From: scapermom


Yes that’s what I ended up doing. But had to find the online manual 1st. Also he had sound softening material bungeed around it hiding the on/off lever sigh