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Monday, March 6th- to do

Started 3/6/23 by friedchickn; 90 views.
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From: friedchickn


Monday Funday!!!  NOT  It's freezing cold and WINDY.  But it's back to the normal grind.

Usual Monday tasks started.  Bills, emails, receipts and week money done.  Pulled out hamburger to defrost for mini meatloaves.  Also pulled out honey glazed carrots and I'll reheat some fries in the air fryer.

I'll strip the bed and start laundry next.

Working out at 10:30, then I'll do the cat litter and shower before heading out to see my gals.

piano practice and a pliability workout when I get home.

And that's monday....


From: scapermom


Can’t believe it’s monday already! A little colder than yesterday but I can’t complain

Started my regular Monday & morning routines - bed stripped, towels/table linens refreshed, countertops sanitized, dog, laundry needs to be flipped and kitchen in progress. The rest at 11 with flylady

New week = new zone the kitchen and mission is cleaning small appliances in there

workout for 15 after I digest breakfast

need an Aldi run for the ingredients for the dish I’m brining to our extended fami get together tomorrow night - Chinese night (my SIL likes to make it a theme) so I’m doing egg roll in a bowl for a crowd. Also want to make a veggie soup for the week

need to update the planner & along with that make a loose meal plan for the week 

Just me for dinner tonight - I’ll come up with something

Breaking Bad final season to start!