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Wednesday, March 15th - To Do

Started 3/15/23 by scapermom; 154 views.
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From: scapermom


I miss my fit bit telling me how much I haven’t slept… Think I may steal DDs and see if I can connect that to my account…

Morning routine started - dog & laundry at least, may be a 2 load day, and kitchen’s next

Zone missions are to clean out medicine cabinet & spend 5 minutes in the stash & dash room putting away things that have a home

need an easy yoga workout

I’ll be on high alert all day since I got waitlisted for cure tickets and may be sent a link/code at any moment to get - but I doubt it. Seems like everyone in NYC/Philly area got waitlisted from what I’m seeing so seems shady

dog really needs a walk at some point but it’s freezing & windy so maybe later 

would like an Aldi run

it’s wednesday so bills & all that goes with it 

DDs going out with friends & DH is doing a double so it looks like it will be just me & walter white for dinner and beyond 


From: friedchickn


Slept in again...and if it hadn't been for the plow....I might still be asleep.

Payday....did the bills and reconciled everything.  Dh's new paycheck hit....5% decrease (in lieu of layoffs).

Need to finish packing.

Hit the grocery for some canned dog food and nacho chips for tonight. (Ended up meeting friends for dinner last night)

And then just finishing off what ever needs doing....we leave at 3 in the morning (lord help me)


From: scapermom


Have a fantastic time! Enjoy the sun and warmth!