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Thursday, March 23rd - To Do

Started 3/23/23 by scapermom; 138 views.

From: friedchickn


Let's get today started....

Banana overnight oats for breakfast.  Leftovers for lunch.  Dinner will be mini meatloaves, mashed and roasted brussels.  I just need to prep the minis and I'm making up an extra large batch of mashed so I can freeze 1/2.  Also brought out the sourdough starter to let it sit overnight....I'm thinking pumpkin eggnog waffles...which means I also need to defrost the eggnog (I have a ton of small milk products frozen that all need using before boat season starts back up)

Buti yoga tonight.  Might sneak in a long pliability workout since a long dog walk is unlikely due to the rain and the fact that the poor dog is exhausted.

Dh finished his portion of the taxes last I need to do the final compilation and get that set to go for the 15th.

And more laundry....