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Friday, March 24th- to do

Started 3/24/23 by friedchickn; 144 views.
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From: friedchickn


Up early....cause cleaning lady.  The blessing and the curse of that.

On the plus side...breakfast is done, dishwasher is running and I have pumpkin spice sourdough waffle batter doing it's thing for the weekend.

I'm sooooo sore.  I'm skipping most of the workout and just doing the start of the push-up/pull-up challenge.

Practice piano and pickup a library book

And then it's off to Portland to check in on dd's cat.  We got a reservation for a really hard to get into restaurant!!!  So I'm pretty excited about that!

And then back home's going to be a pretty crazy weekend....


From: scapermom


Rainy dark day… everyone slept late even the dog

Morning routine moving along - dog done, laundry going, kitchen tbd

zone mission is to declutter dressers in master & DDs bedrooms

Took a break for FaceTiming with DD

will do a a walk at home

dog walk if the rain stops at some point

CVS run since I didnt go yesterday

found a garlic shrimp recipe with cauliflower sheet pan I want to try for dinner tonight