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Monday, March 27th - To Do

Started 3/27/23 by scapermom; 147 views.
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From: scapermom


Ah springtime in New Jersey! Woke up to a few stink bugs staring at me from the ceiling… grabbed the vacuum and made short work of those icky prehistoric critters

Morning routine along with weekly home blessing started - bed stripped, towels & table linens replaced, dog’s out, laundry’s going, surfaces sanitized, kitchen tbd & will also add sanitizing handles & light switches and everything since DH is still sniffling (tho he went to work) - could be allergies at this point but who knows? 

Rest of the routines later with flylady 

workout -new HIIT routine

Early dog walk since it’s supposed to rain later 

Must also spend time on taxes today

CVS run - dh is taking Zyrtec that expired in 2018 

Update planner

DH doing a double so just me & Breaking Bad tonight lol - i have leftovers to use up but think I’ll meal prep some mini meatloaves while I have the peace & quiet


From: friedchickn


Early morning fun fun.

Pumpkin spice eggnog overnight oats....sooooo good.  Have one more for tomorrow and then i can officially cross off one container from the freezer.  Pulled a very small milk out to start defrosting...maybe 1 C left in it...maybe.

Leftovers for lunch.  Dinner is Pork Normandy....already prepped....just need to heat and eat.

I'll hit the dishwasher before leaving (dh is still eating lunch).

Bills, receipts and week money done.  I'll so emails before I leave.

Did today's workout...front squats.  And then the push up and pull up challenge.

That leaves....laundry, piano and a yoga routine for this evening.  we'll see.....