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Friday, September 25th - To Do

Started Sep-25 by scapermom; 106 views.
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From: scapermom


I’m up! So is everyone else.

DD has a 9am class and hasn’t made it down for breakfast yet.

DH has to take his mom for therapy today.

I have a hair appointment later this morning. Will get to my morning routine in a bit. 

May head to kohl’s later for an amazon return. A bit of shopping while I’m out. 

Continue decluttering. I have a bunch of blankets for the dog rescue. If they are collecting. Have to check their website.

want to watch Enola Holmes on Netflix tonight. 

The beef stew I didn’t make last night will be for tonight. Lunch will be tuna salad sandwiches.


From: friedchickn


I haven't heard of that movie? what's it about?


From: friedchickn


More crappy sleeping....yeah me.


Everyone is up....dh has been up for HOURS.  He just finished shaving the cat and is now cleaning the litter boxes.  WHAT????  Who is this man?  He must want something.

Today's top priority is the single thing I didn't get to yesterday.....the sinks.

A workout, a romwod and a 1 min bridge pose.

piano practice

Order the house numbers.  Need to just triple check the door frame (I suck at measuring)

And I ordered 20lbs of ground beef from the local farm last I need to go pick it up.

Pack and run away....


From: scapermom


No idea but Henry cavil and sam claflin are in it and that’s reason enough for me! Lol I think it’s a spin on Sherlock Holmes, about his sister. played by Millie Bobbie brown.