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Monday, December 28th - To Do

Started Dec-28 by scapermom; 83 views.
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From: scapermom


Monday so house blessing tbd - going to try setting up my ear/air pods? So I can listen to flylady while running around doing each task. 

DH is feeling mostly better, though he’s definitely not 100% yet. The guy he most likely got it from went to get tested again yesterday since he was feeling normal and is still positive. The guy also got his wife sick. DH has an appointment at the CVS for tomorrow to test. I’m not finding anything that says if you’re still contagious or not if you feel good but still positive- is that considered asymptotic? CDC isn’t too clear on lots of stuff. My guess is that they just don’t know enough yet - which I find scary since haven’t they been on this from the start & don’t they have enough cases they can test/study? Very frustrating.

Laundry is in & dogs been out & fed. She’s extra cuddly this am too. Looking like several loads today -doing sheets now, then dishcloths & table linens, then dog blanket- then sanitize.

want to get to wrapping gifts for grandparents, niece & sister/bro in law - SIL wants to do an opening of gifts over zoom on Wednesday.

dog walk when it warms up to high 40s later.

I’ll do something with the leftover turkey for dinner tonight.


From: friedchickn


Managed to unravel all of my weight loss over the past week....sigh.  I know it's probably just salt/water retention....but still, it's frustrating.  So back at it I go.

Workout at some point, dh hasn't declared when yet.  A Romwod, a plank and some GHD post workout.  Dog walk at noon-ish.

Piano practice....need to get back on the wagon.

All the monday stuff....bills, receipts, emails, water the plants and week money.  Change the linens.

walgreens challenge

and then the great xmas cleanup....find homes for all the new stuff, list all the old stuff.  Gonna leave the tree up for a touch longer and I'm kinda liking the new furniture arrangement might keep it awhile longer.

dh and I need a new series to I'll dig into that a bit.

No clue on dinner....and I'd like a new freezer inventory or at least a targeted few for use....