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Tuesday, December 29th - To Do

Started Dec-29 by scapermom; 104 views.

From: friedchickn


It's freezing cold and windy as all hell.  I feel so incredibly bad for the contractors...but I'm sooooo excited to finally have those stairs and added bonus, they might be done to move all dd's ####.  Yeah!!!

Closing has slipped from tomorrow to Thursday, dh just wired the funds which is nerve wracking as all hell..  Taking 2 cars....since dd will be staying til at least Tuesday cause of her work schedule.  Can't bring everything and don't want to bring the trailer cause who wants to drive a trailer back at night on NYE.  So I've been making a list so she can "camp" til we can get the rest up there.  The gorgeous leather futon we scored on facebook will fit in dh's car....dd's jeep is basically useless.  LOL.

Got a call from my tenants last night that there was no hot water....plumber went over this morning but I haven't heard back from either.  It's only 18 months old.....sooooo....

Changed out our sheets and watered the plants...cause neither thing got done yesterday.  I'll drag the linens down to the wash in a few.

Did my ROMWOD and planks with dd.  Workout will have to be after the contractors leave so....4 or 5.  I'll do some GHD after.

Need to do piano....didn't yesterday....bad girl

Dog claws and bowls.  seems like every damn day

Need to water my sleeping fig trees

Go get eggs at the farm stand

Pay my snow plowing bill

Dinner is a freezer found soup and some chicken and bean quesadillas.  I also dragged out all the bread to make a batch of bread crumbs.