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Wednesday, December 30th -To Do

Started Dec-30 by scapermom; 122 views.

From: friedchickn


Woke to a message from the tenants that the water heater was chirping since 3:30 am.  Um.....ok.  Called the plumber and met him there.  On a hunch, I brought 9V batteries.  And was the smoke detector in the cold dark basement.  Sigh.  Adding "replace all smoke detector batteries at Elm" to the calendar so I can avoid that service call next year.  Live and learn.

Contractors are outside hammering away.

Dd went to grab coffee and breakfast with a neighbor's daughter....they're downstairs giggling.  

Wired funds for closing were received....always a bit sketchy.  Closing is still a GO for tomorrow at noon.  Guess I'll really have to start planning for what dd is gonna need....not that she isn't capable.  But I don't need the panicked phone calls from there either.

Need to place an amazon snack order.  Running low on supplies.

Dump day.  Cat litter and recycling mostly.

Didn't water the fig tree or do the dog claws.  So that's priority 1 and 2.

walgreens challenge

workout...4 or 5, when the contractors leave.  I'll romwod in a bit.  Toss in some side planks and I'll do some more GHD exercises

piano practice.  need to photocopy a page...always a struggle with the dumbass printer.

continue with the piles from xmas....

Thankfully dinner is out tonight!!!!!!  So at least I don't have to think about that.


From: friedchickn


I try to remind myself how frustrating it must be to get older and suddenly not be as capable as you thought you were....some days it helps....some days it doesn't.

As I was parked in front of the duplex waiting for the plumber, Poppa came out to investigate why I was there....and then wouldn't let it go.  Dude...I do not need your help....99% of the time, you need mine. I'll die before i tell him it was a smoke detector.  LOL


From: scapermom


I feel you onthe printer issues- DH needed 2 copies of his insurance card & license for the drive through Covid test - took me 3 days to get it done!


From: friedchickn


We have a printer/fax/copier/scanner's just a beast and has the biggest tantrums.  We barely use it...maybe once a month.  But everytime is a struggle.