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Thursday, December 31st- To Do

Started Dec-31 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


What are you doing today?

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Pouring- a good day to stay in bed -but got a call from some guy at DHs company to check on him at 8am - wtf? So need to remember to tell DH to call this guy because of course I was the only one woken up by it!

put mail out and decided to leave the recycle pails to get rinsed by rain.

already texted with an aunt. She’ll probably call later too.

dog’s been out, wiped down and fed. Laundry’s started. Lysol wiped my way around downstairs. 

Fitbit needs charging. Dog needs her meds.

Leftovers from yesterday - file and upload

will DH get results today?

Fly-mission - haven’t had to do the last few.

dog walk later when rain stops. 
Going to try making pizza dough today.
Taking out pork chops from freezer - for either today or tomorrow. Though was thinking to just have some appetizers from the freezer- like Buffalo wings, & taquitos, we could also have cheese & crackers and what’s left of the charcuterie thing I got from Costco- it was nice that they were individually packed.

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Now this I need to do - 

Zone 5: Mission #4 Thursday
Dear Friends, Now you had to know that if yesterday I had you look up that today I would have you look DOWN! Pull out the vacuum cleaner and get into the corners and along the baseboards. If you don't have carpet, get the broom up against the baseboards and into those corners. Get behind and under the furniture. I do not mean that you should move heavy book cases or entertainment centers to get behind or under.
Just take care of what you can!