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Saturday, January 2 - to do

Started Jan-2 by friedchickn; 67 views.

From: friedchickn


It's already past the heck?!?!?

We are getting dumped on for snow...dh, of course, went skiing...or snowboarding or whatever the heck he does.

I've been cleaning up...really haven't been home in 2 days...or by the time we got home we were exhausted and just made a mess and watched tv....and boy does it show.

So...started laundry, started the dishwasher.  Did a quick pass on the contents of the fridge and started making piles all over the house of stuff that needs a new home, should have gone with dd, needs to get stored, trashed, recycled....oh you name it.

At some point I need to practice piano....and the hot tub needs a little more water and a test.

This week's sourdough feeding will result in making a starter for dd....if she kills it....oh well.

Might take the dog on a long snowy hike if I can muster the energy....he's been awfully neglected the past 2 days....


From: scapermom


Thanks for posting! Time easily gets away these days!

Starting to cleanup some Christmas stuff here. Trying to find homes for the new and out with some of the old. 

got a chance to fill in the new family calendar. more to do but I got the basics at least.

Would be a good day to take down outdoor decorations if DH is up to it. Rain is done and supposed to creep into the 50s.

dog walk in a bit. Plank & get strong workout later.

dd has some thank you cards to write. I keep reminding her. Also have this idea to categorize, bin/box and label things for her dorm in an attempt to help her move in by herself go smoothly. 

took out steaks for dinner - hope DH feels like grilling