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Tuesday, January 5th - To Do

Started Jan-5 by scapermom; 132 views.
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From: scapermom


Don’t know if I’ll have the energy for this one


From: friedchickn


3 ring circus is in full swing...or at least was....

Contractor is here still working on the garage stairs.  I had no idea how big a project this was gonna be.  He also sent a guy over to finish the trim/beadboard work in the mudroom at the duplex...where we split the mudroom in 1/2. apparently he's been waiting on a piece.

Leo had an appt to get his nails ground at 10....and it's either a 10 min wait or like 2 hours.  So I planned a hunk of errands to keep me amused.  Of course I get there and she's like I'll bring him right back...sigh.  he was being a baby after that so I took him home so I could finish my errands without him hyperventilating in the car.

Went to the town hall to renew the dog license.  Stopped at the post office...and my smoke detectors were in.  So I took them over to the duplex and installed those.  Dropped off the xmas present for my yoga friend at her dh's office in town...not boarding the crazy train on why she didn't want me to drop it at her house.  Just whatever.  Got cash at the bank for week money.  Hit the farm stand for eggs and potatoes.  Then the grocery for everything else on the short list.  Of course, totally forgot 9V's....I'll just amazon them.

At some point, I need to workout...romwod, plank and GHD.

I want to wash dd's gross shower curtain and liner....sigh.

piano practice

walgreens challenge

dinner is baked beans and leftover hot dogs (freezer find) with brown bread.

Also need to schedule my car for oil change and inspection and whatever else he thinks it needs.

And I finished another puzzle a few easier ones for xmas from I'll dig out a new one to start.

oh and dog bowl cleaning


From: friedchickn


this requires a


From: scapermom


Ah yes you reminded me I also need to renew dog’s license this month. They usually send a form if I’m remembering correctly. Need to check into.