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Wednesday, January 6th - To Do

Started Jan-6 by scapermom; 87 views.
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From: scapermom


Well it’s a little like Christmas here since DH went to work- woohoo  

so just spent my morning throwing open windows & completely stripped the bed he was using and sprayed a can of Lysol. Wish I had thought to buy some laundry sanitizer detergent- if you can even get that? But the washer has a sanitizing cycle so using that - just takes a long time and going to have to use it several times. But whatever, as long as it gets done. Also started going over the bathroom he used. Just have tub&shower left in there. Then vacuum both rooms & mop.

Then my regular Wednesday routine - bills, filing, receipts also tuition. Going to try using the bank app for a deposit to see if/how that works.

It’s 1/6 so time to take down Christmas - will enlist DD’s help with that.

6pm reslife live Instagram for DD’s school.

Dinner will be mini meatloaves (we had leftovers last night so didn’t use the ground beef)


From: friedchickn


Little Christmas....LOL.  That made me laugh soooooo much.  Maybe a little too much....


From: friedchickn


Busy morning.

Contractor is busy on the stairs....painter is supposedly painting at the duplex.  I'd like my 2 ring circus back down to 1 ring....please.

Got coffee and pastries with the ladies and we brought them back here cause cold and the library was being staffed by someone (so we couldn't/shouldn't sneak in there like usual).  Met a lady to get rid of some xmas stuff.  Left some other stuff on the porch in a bag for another lady....which was gone by the time I got it's time to list more.

Dropped off my MIL's xmas calendar and 2 new masks for my ILs.  

Hit the PO.

Kitchen is cleaned and dishwasher running.

Phew.....crazy morning.

Romwod, workout, plank and GHD.

Piano lesson at 4:30

I'll start a load of laundry after we workout.

walgreens challenge

cat litter, maybe a dump run.

heartgard and dog bowl....he hasn't eaten breakfast yet.

Called and left a message yesterday about scheduling the car....haven't heard back.

Dinner out!!!!  Thank GOODNESS.  I'm gonna pickup a gift card for the dog walker while I'm at it.  2 birds, 1 stone!!!!

Got all of the xmas decorations down yesterday except the undecorated tree....which isn't my job.....