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Thursday, January 7th - To Do

Started Jan-7 by scapermom; 92 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning going - woke up too early but made myself stay in bed until I couldn’t. Laundry started, dog out & fed, kitchen cleanup started. DH is up and offered to finish the kitchen. So coffee break for me. 
Need to get my lists finalized then head out to both Costco and Aldi since they are in the same center. Going to pick up some prep items using my 52 week list. 

Dd still has Christmas checks to deal with. Need to see if she ever wrote the thank you cards. 3 more weeks til move in.

still have to call the insurance co., also ask out how to renew the measly discount we get for DD’s good grades. 

still have more Christmas to put away. 
dog walk when it warms up later.
‘today’s yoga journey.

Dinner will be something I pick up today. Maybe a famous Costco rotisserie chicken?


From: friedchickn


Most of the banks now offer check deposit on their phone app....I even taught my FIL....and that was a struggle.


From: friedchickn


Slept like crap....too much fried food and alcohol so I tossed and turned.  Why do I do that to myself and honestly when did that start...I don't remember suffering like that in my 20's.

So I'm kinda dragging this morning.  Dropped my car off...oil change, inspection and a once over.  Then I'll swap dh's car for the same.

Need to run 2 errands....3....stopping at the market that sells Italian food (heat and eat)...grabbing a few for the freezer, Friday dinner and my ILs.  Also need to stop at the dispensary and pickup my order...THC infused mango juice (I love it as a mixer) and a pen for my FIL who said he really enjoyed the edibles but they took too long to hit.  Fair point.

Also need to drop off the gift card I got to the burger joint for Leo's girls....they potty and walk him when I can't get home in time....which was several days during the Portland move.

Should be last day of the garage stairs...until spring.  They'll have to set the posts....currently it's got temporary feet and it'll be fine....until it's not.  No word on the painter who didn't show at the duplex.  Sigh....

Another restaurant in town has announced it's closing after this dh and I are trying to get reservations.  

I'll Romwod and plank.  And practice piano later.

It's toilet day...oh joy.

Dinner....tonight will be quiche.  Not sure what will be in it....but quiche.