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Sunday, January 10th- weekend list?

Started Jan-10 by scapermom; 62 views.
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From: scapermom


Blissful quiet! DH is back to work. He took off yesterday to try to ease his way back in. He’s still coughing every so often and just not his strong self yet. He’s got a real doctors appointment on the 21st. 
 Dogs been out. Put her food in the bowl, but she’s been more of a brunch girl lately. laundry’s started.

looked through the stash of gift cards DD’s gotten and organized them so she can take what she can use with her or upload. I know there’s a target close to the school. Wegmans too, no gift card for that but may pick her up one. The one here does delivery (though we’re not close enough) . 

Think I’ve finally got all the christmas linens washed, so I can put away today. DH took the outside stuff down & in but left it strewn in the dining room, so I’ll box it and drag it down to the basement. He found a piece of coconut in the garland of all things! 
 have plants to water/tend and prep for the week ahead.

dog walk when it’s the high for the day.

dinner tonight is sheet pan chicken breasts,sweet potatoes and veggies.