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Monday, January 11th - To Do

Started Jan-11 by scapermom; 77 views.
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From: scapermom


Today’s Monday so weekly home blessing- stripped my bed and changed out all the bathroom towels. Will remind Dd to do hers. Just finished the kitchen countertops. Started laundry, dog out, fed & out again. Next is the table but after coffee. 
‘Have a hair appointment at 10:30 - almost forgot about it 

when I get back I’ll continue the WHB

Call vet - dog needs a shot for boarding. 
Still have the insurance call.

Need more water filters

thinking vegetarian chili for dinner 


From: friedchickn


Gonna be a long day.

Just finished breakfast, started the dishwasher and took a nice long shower.  

Dh and I packed my car with stuff yesterday...but there's still a few things she asked for that I have to gather up.  She'll be back on Wednesday anyway....and we'll stuff her car for the trip back.

Laser appt is at 2, so I'll leave here at noon.  Afterwards, I'll swing by dd's and unload and then I'm taking her out for a meal.  Her choice.  Also want to measure a wall for a rolling ladder to get into the storage space above her bathroom.

dh is gonna have to be a big boy today and take care of the house....and the animals....oh boy.

Before I head out...I'd like to start some laundry, do the bills and receipts.  Clean up my emails a little and distribute week money.  Water the plants.  That's about all I'll have time for...

Dh is on his own for dinner....there's a bunch of leftovers....