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Tuesday, January 12th - To Do

Started Jan-12 by scapermom; 85 views.

From: friedchickn


Woke up to a text from the contractor that the painter needed in at the duplex.  Why?????? Tried to text the renter but she was at I got the ok to run over and let him in.  Of course the dog had to go out and dh was nowhere to be found...not how I like to start my morning.  Just not. But I need to remind myself it's a minor inconvenience and to get over myself.  Added the contractor to my favorites so he gets through the do not disturb.  Maybe that'll help next time...

So....just started the heat in the garage.  I'll put my workout gear on in a minute and drag the sourdough starter dough for tonight.

Workout, romwod, plank and GHD...getting right back at it.

Dump the compost, get cleaned up, start laundry.

piano practice

lunch is clue what I'm putting on the pizza.  I'll go fridge diving later.

I have a dentist appt at 3.  Dh has calls til like 8 or 9

I have a stack of stuff to file and deal with, and I never got to clean out my emails yesterday.  So I should do both of those things.

Also want to order a rolling ladder for dd's place....I've got all the measurements i need...just need a moment of peace.  

And I'm still cleaning and listing piles of crap....


From: scapermom


Zone 3: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends, Back to the bathroom and laundry room we go! For the bathroom your mission is to do toss old towels and linens that just plain worn out. Toss them out of your bathroom linen closets. You can donate these items to animal shelters and kennels.
For the laundry room you are to go diving behind the washer and dryer for those lone socks and dust bunnies that seem to multiply when they are back there!Have fun! These are quick, easy and oh so satisfying when complete!