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Wednesday, January 13 - To Do

Started Jan-13 by scapermom; 128 views.

From: friedchickn


The drama raccoon comes home later today to stay for awhile....another covid case at work, she has to get tested again.....  back and forth last night about whether we wanted her if she tested positive....sigh.  dude....we don't care.  So she is getting her rocking toilet fixed and tested at work...then home.  

Breakfast done.  Will need to cook up some more breakfast meat later today.  Waiting for the damn dog to eat her breakfast before I start the dishwasher....I want his bowl.  

Romwod, then a workout at 1.  Plank and GHD.  Log my walgreens challenge.

piano lesson at 4:15

I don't think I need a dump run but I do have to do the cat fun.

Need to put in my farmer's market order.  also have pottery barn rewards that are I'll take a look through to see if there's anything I want/need.  Maybe they have those platters I got for the boat on clearance now?

Add a few things to the calendar.  Need dh to decide on a hotel for a fun Portland weekend with friends in I can start coordinating efforts.

And I have a library book to pickup

Dinner out tonight....cause it's Wednesday.


From: scapermom


Hope she’s negative! The stress alone of worrying how sick someone will get or if you’ll get it or will they get lingering Sickness or pneumonia or worse 2 weeks after they thought they were over it... it’s endless and the worst!


From: friedchickn


I refuse to worry about things I have no control over. (Sometimes I have to really really remind myself of that...).

If she tests positive we will deal with it. I’m gonna see my kid no matter what. Life is too short to not have visits and hugs and all that jazz.