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Thursday, January 14th - To Do

Started Jan-14 by scapermom; 84 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine going or tbd - laundry, dog, kitchen 

think I missed recycling day

Didn’t get to curtains yesterday so hopefully today

Dog has vet appointment later this afternoon. I’ll book her to board and bath there too. 
want to call DD’s eye doctor to get her script to order backup glasses just in case. 
Do the fly mission 

reviewed DD’s list and she completely left out school supplies- so I asked her to add that and review the rest. She’s just now also researching computers since hers has started giving her problems. Hope we can get something in time. Target run can wait.

found a new list of what they need to pack in a Covid go bag in case they test positive or come in contact with someone positive and need to move to the quarantine building . So I’ll make sure she has what’s needed with her.

We did take out sushi last night, so we’ll have the pasta dish tonight.



From: friedchickn


Let's see.....plumber has come and gone from the water issues again.  Did I get a lemon?  Sigh.  Guess it's gonna be what it's gonna be and I'm glad he's so responsive.

Had coffee with the ladies and picked up my library book...Atomic Habits.  It's all about breaking bad habits.  Seems like a good New Year's read.

Vet appt in a minute or so....kennel cough booster.  Then I'll dump the dog at home and run a few errands with dd....walgreens and a local market that makes heat and eat meals (stock the freezer...hers and mine)

ROMWOD and a plank.  Piano practice.  I have a new piece by the composer I've been liking alot of.

Toilets and sinks

Dinner...dd requested beef stroganoff.

Then more ER...