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Tuesday, January 19th - To Do

Started Jan-19 by scapermom; 77 views.

From: friedchickn


Weird ass Tuesday that feels like a Monday....

dh had the first dentist appointment...several towns over.  I'm waiting for him to get back, cause I know he'll be hungry and then I only have to make 1 breakfast and clean up once.

Then he has a full day of I'm on my own!!!

Contractor is starting on replacing the front stairs at the old side of the duplex...was supposed to be a spring project, but i guess he had a big project cancel and now he has men and time.

And the state of Maine opened up vaccinations to the 70+ crowd, so I'm trying to track down how to get the oldies appts.

Other than allllll that.....

Workout, romwod, ghd and plank.  Piano practice

Need to figure out dinner....thinking a pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed meatloaf.  With....

I have a furniture delivery this afternoon.  And I have a giant pile of stuff to steam.  Might watch some Call the Midwives while I do that.

Need to pay the plow bill and make a dinner reservation for tomorrow night...outdoor bubble dining, i mean...why not?

Still working on piles in my office....should start piles in teh garage too....


From: scapermom


Just getting back here! 
Got an email from my doctor re vaccines here. There is a site to register online for it, that determines what phase you’re in for ability to get it. It’s based on age and ailments- though hearing there are changes to the criteria  -they’ve mucked it up of course just to add to the confusion. I’m not running to register. But I would have a few weeks ago. cases are through the roof.
Both Dd and I had panic attacks in cvs yesterday- people are out in droves with masks not being worn properly and coughing... we did a speed shop and got out as quickly as possible.

‘this morning I did some hopefully final shopping for the dorm - someone posted a link to the proper surge protector from bedbath&beyond. I also threw in a backrest pillow and wastebasket. Then I went online for Target therapy and shopped so now we don’t have to go out of the house. 
tomorrow I’ll start washing all the bedding and see how much I can fit in the vacuum bags.

Dd doesn’t have a checking account, I think she needs something so she can get cash from an atm, no? Do they even use cash? Also wondering about lock box or some way to keep valuables secure...

never finished health proxy forms and now can’t find where I put them.

Today’s laundry is in the dryer. Need to finish yesterday’s vacuuming & quick mop. Also the mission.

DH is working his first double in a long time today. 
Have 911 on DVR to watch tonight. I watched like the 1st season of Call midwife when it aired, should put that on my queue. 

easy crock pot shredded salsa chicken dinner tonight


From: friedchickn


They don't really use cash...but they do use venmo and you need a card or account hooked up to use that.

You'd also want to be able to send her funds if an emergency came up....

We've had to send dd money to cover some car repairs, extra books for school and some stupid lab fees...and she needed a credit card for an Uber ride to the urgent care and cvs when she was sick once.

It's something she'll definitely need when she gets there...especially now that everything is curbside or delivered