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Wednesday, January 20th - To Do

Started Jan-20 by scapermom; 113 views.

From: friedchickn


I've been struggling with fitting in reading, watching my shows and podcasts.  It's a silly thing to struggle with but it really makes a big difference in my attitude.

I've tried reading in go...the light bothers his royal highness and I hate dealing with the book light.  

Podcasts are awkward cause I like to listen to them without earbuds...I hate earbuds.  But then dh is eavesdropping...which bothers me for what reason I cannot explain.

And tv night I can barely hear over his snoring....and I feel like a slacker watching during the day.  My latest attempt is to watch an episode while doing something like folding laundry or steaming or sorting receipts....but I just don't have alot of mindless activities....currently.


From: scapermom


I completely understand! The only day I get to watch my ‘shows’ is Tuesday evening when DH does doubles. In the past I’ve used my free day hours (DH at work dd at school) to listen (while doing tasks) or watch while on the stationary bike - but I use the earbuds or you can’t hear over the vacuum and such.