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Thursday, January 21st - To Do

Started Jan-21 by scapermom; 69 views.
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From: scapermom


Dog’s being an absolute bee-atch today! Made a crater in the back yard. Doesn’t want to come in. Thought she was over that stage. At least I slept well (finally) last night. 
mails out, laundry’s collected & going, doing normal load then I’ll tackle the rest of the dorm bedding, kitchen started, dog was fed and still out. 
DH left early to take his dad for a blood test. I’m sure his mom will have errands for him too.

want to unbox the mini Keurig I got dd 2 Black Fridays ago, clean it and make sure it works. Then repack. I’m thinking she should keep the box for transport back but maybe flatten it for the semester? Last night I went over the making of the dorm bed layers with her - never did it myself but have seen it posted about enough to get the gist.

todays mission 

arm workout 


cable co sent a new modem with out us asking which is suspect. Kind of afraid to install it, but want to do it with DH so that’s either today or tomorrow since he works Saturday.

As a family we’ll call DH’s uncle for his birthday later

Want dd to do some socially distant visits before she leaves. But am having trouble finding a way to do this.

no ideas for dinner. Takeout sounds good. 


From: friedchickn


Thursday's almost feel normal.  Grabbed a coffee and blueberry sconces and snuck into the library.  Had a good chat with my ladies....we all agreed it's MUCH NEEDED.  Swung briefly home to grab the dog and take him to get his nails done.  It's a treat for me (probably not for him)....I'm barely spending any of my allowance each week, so I might as well....

...and it all just felt normal, despite the dumb mask.  Sigh

Igloo dining was chilly but fun.  Food was pretty the draw was def that it was in an igloo.  Would I do it again?  Probably not....but I am going to suggest to my ILs that they give it a try.  I think they'd enjoy the adventure.

No workout today....just a long yoga session.  Piano bagged on my timing and now I have to use the dreaded metronome.....NOOOOOOO

Today is bathroom day....toilets and sinks.

One of the ladies suggested a new book....I have it downstairs.  Can't even remember what it's called.  Gonna try to read at least 1 chapter today.

Dinner????  I have no clue.  Might need a trip to the grocery.  Might go freezer diving.  Not sure when dh's last call is....he's been very busy lately.  End of their fiscal year is the 31st...

Made the mistake of opening the guest room closet....oh dd....why, just why.  So I'll tackle that over the next few days.

And I have another pile of stuff to list on the freebie site, just need to check the weather for the next few days first.