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Saturday, January 23rd - To Do

Started Jan-23 by scapermom; 65 views.
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From: scapermom


DH left for work at his usual ungodly hour. He tries to be quiet, but it seems like every little peep is magnified at 4am and I’m unfortunately a light sleeper. I made him several jars of overnight oats to take last night. Forgot to wash his uniforms, but I’m sure he had some stuff to wear. 

Day ahead looks like mostly more dorm prep - today I plan to tackle using the vacuum bags to pack bedding and towels. Need to make labels for the boxes.

 The stuff I ordered from Bed, bath & beyond & some of the Target items arrived yesterday. More from Target coming today. I’m starting to panic about being able to fit it all in the car. 
‘Dd starts classes remotely on Monday. So want her to get most of her clothes/toiletries/makeup packed this weekend. She also needs to order the books she knows she needs (some profs sent out syllabuses) & figure out where to send them depending on shipping. 

Dog walk later. Started doing planks and arm workouts again. We lose muscle tone so quickly! 
fly missions I missed this past week.

Forecasting a windy & cold one today, so going to make a vat of turbo Atkins soup in the crockpot  - basically chicken & lots of veggie soup


From: friedchickn


Sitting in a very uncomfortable bed waiting to get the day started.

Gonna head to Grumpy Goat’s today. Need to find paperwork.

Did manage to get a few things done yesterday...was supposed to get some men’s coats for our local shelter. So I picked those up. And when in Rome....NH has the cheapest liquor prices in the stocked up. Lol.