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Tuesday, June 29th - To Do

Started 6/29/21 by scapermom; 130 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on?

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From: scapermom


Friggin hot as blazes already. Took dog out on leash cos she ‘played with’ a bird last night and it was recuperating in the yard all night. Came across it when I went to water my veggie patch it was sitting on the hose and made its way into the tree. At least I think it was the same bird? 
have to collect laundry and do a load

never got to bowls yesterday, so today

The Flymission 

have to take Dd for 2nd shot today. Apprehension setting in for me since hearing about kids/young adults developing myocarditis after 2nd. But she wants to do it & school is requiring it, so I’ll take her. While at cvs I’ve got a list to shop for.

dinner is a spiced kale soup which I’ll be making with ground Turkey instead of the chicken sausage the recipe calls for since family declared they don’t like chicken sausage. Soup may not be the best idea today either but only 2 more days on this plan. they also gave another week of menus that I may follow, just makes life easier. But the family may have had enough of healthy keto and I’m out of the paleo protein powder for breakfast smoothies. We shall see.

total loss as of today is 6.8 pounds - only a couple ounces lost from last week though. Getting to the weight I was, but not to where I should be.

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From: scapermom


Need to do this 

Zone 5 Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends: Today let's have a detailed vacuuming session. This means to vacuum the room, making sure to get up against the baseboards and to get under the furniture. Please be careful that you don't hurt yourself trying to move furniture. If it is too difficult to get under the couch or chairs then just try to get as close to the base of the furniture as you can.Have fun and don't get sidetracked!


From: friedchickn


Congrats on the weight loss!!!!  I know how you've struggled and I know it sucks.


From: friedchickn


Still bleeding like a stuck pig which meant that I got absolutely #### sleep last night.  FML.  so....not gonna kill myself today either, in fact, taking the week off of Crossfit.  Let's just try to make it through the week...shall we?!?!

Mailed the contract for the walkway at my Ils.  The company wanted the deposit sooner rather than later so they could order the pavers since shipping/demand is a #### show.

Paid the boat loan.  Which is soooooo annoying.  Some banks just suck.  They won't open the ability to pay the loan til 10 days before it's due and you can't pay in advance online.  WTF.  I'll be happy when dd's condo is paid off so I can work on paying this #### off.

Piano lesson at 2

Yoga tonight.

We picked up a dehumidifier last night....and I'm hoping it works.  Need to set that up this afternoon.

Dog bowls.


dinner....I picked up a chicken pot pie yesterday at the farm stand.