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Monday, July 26th - To Do

Started 7/26/21 by scapermom; 160 views.
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From: scapermom


Ahsuburbia… idiots across the street are already mowing the lawn or running a motor boat? I was up already at least or I’d be really pissed. 
ok so I’m at least lazing in bed a bit , but will be starting my weekly home blessing soon - vacuum, dust, quick mop, polish doors & mirrors, purge magazines/paper, change sheets, and empty trash.

dog, laundry, kitchen- time to sanitize and replace linens

If Dd gets herself in gear at a reasonable time we need to take a run to Costco for cheap 2nd set glasses for her. Need to take stock of what else she needs before heading back.

found out on Friday my mother in law has multiple myeloma and will need some serious treatment. DH & his sister will be having to take her several times a week for at least 3 months. She was in World Trade Center area on 9/11 and at least just got a settlement from that. She’s had bladder cancer previously as well. can’t catch a break!

should text my hair lady for an appointment 

Loose meal plan for this week says boneless chicken thighs tonight


From: friedchickn


Sorry to hear about your MIL....that's rough


From: friedchickn


The worst part of boat weekends is re-entry....ugghhhh

So today will be catching up on everything and getting everything in order for the week.

Bills, receipts and emails.  I have a stack of mail (ours and GG's) to take care of as well.  And...week money

Water the plants


Just came back from the farmstand with some things to tide us over for the week.

Workouts.  Lots of em.  LOL

piano practice

cat litter

and I need to figure out 3 things for this week (off the giant list....) probably do some more cleaning in the garage.  It's been a slow and steady process.  But I can already see some holes.

Dinner tonight is at a friend's grand opening of her farm to table restaurant.