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Monday, August 23rd - To Do

Started Aug-23 by scapermom; 159 views.
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From: scapermom


Thanks! Drop off did go well. She ended up staying with us in the hotel her first night since the dorm room- aka shoe box, is hot as blazes, even with the window wide open and 2 fans cranked. She’s on the third floor with no elevator- actually 4th since it’s on a hill so you walk up to first floor. Not to mention the hilly campus. She’s going to be building thighs and calf’s for sure this year! Bathrooms are also pretty horrid. No ventilation- isn’t that against code or something? This last one bothers me most because -mold

Ok she just texted she’s having breakfast and first class at 10am. So plenty of time to hang in the air conditioned dining hall then make her way across campus to class. Full day today and Wednesday- 4 classes 

OK on to my Monday - Dogs been out, not interested in her food. Has been off and vomited three times since her kennel stay. Stress or something else? Ugh last night she seemed more like herself, even ate her whole bowl of food. She seems normal this morning too. 

 Weekly home blessing tbd - beds are stripped, some towels, kitchen linens next, then clean surfaces in here. 
need to start laundry load, think it may be at least a 2 load day

rest of the tasks at 11 with Flylady or on my own if the preaching gets too much for me

need to call and cancel endontist appointment- the crown seems to have cleared up the issue

set up planner for the week ahead and meal plan, indoor plants may need attention

dog Walk if rain ever stops. We fortunately avoided the worst of this storm and flooding 

cauliflower chicken fried rice for dinner tonight


From: friedchickn


It was supposed to rain all day we did what we needed to do on the boat and came home early.  Then it barely freakin rained.  Apparently the "hurricane" is stalled or dead or something....I dunno....but it's overcast and muggy as hell.

I got a load of boat laundry done while dh napped yeterday.  Also watched Coda and Mr Corman on apple +.  Both really good.  Coda was really really good.

Picked up yogurt, eggs and veggies from the farm.  Dog dealt with.  Dishwasher unloaded.

Working out at 1.  GHD, plank.  Maybe a long dog walk if the rain holds off.

piano practice

bills, receipts, emails....week money

cat litter

water plants

Dinner....either tacos or requires a real quick trip to the grocery....and if I go, I'll hit the PO

1 more chapter

and I need to figure out some small goals for this week...3 from the freezer, 3 things rehomed...that kinda stuff