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Monday, August 30th - To Do

Started Aug-30 by scapermom; 138 views.

From: scapermom


Monday again! Time for a list

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From: scapermom


Morning trifecta underway- dogs done, laundry’s going, kitchen needs a ton of attention 

but first more coffee and breakfast 

Prepping for another hot melt 30 starting Wednesday and trying to decide if I want to shop around for groceries at the best prices, or go to 1 store and throw the budget to the wind! Think I’ll spread the shopping over today and tomorrow at multiple stores to keep on budget I guess 

have to place an online order for more protein powder since I don’t have enough to see me through the month

want to take the dog out back and give her a good brushing before the rain starts this afternoon. Should also check when she’s due for meds

walk at home video in a little while 

Flylady show at 11 to finish whb tasks 

Looking for a fall activity for myself to get involved in outside the home. I think book club at library is still virtual. Maybe art or exercise? Have to check town & county program guides 

have leftovers that need eating for dinner

bachelor in paradise tonight 

Finally watched the new Suicide Squad the other night on HBO max - was much better than I expected, though I wasn’t expecting much. Thinking of binge watching Manifest on Netflix. I had started watching it when it first aired, but didn’t stay with it for some reason 


From: friedchickn


Dealing with my ILs is exhausting....and while I realize they "waited" all weekend to get their honey do list done....Monday at 6 am is not a great start.  Sigh.

One plus....dh picked up the dog from boarding on his way back.  And he wasn't too filthy, quick bath and now he's sleeping.

Laundry started, bras soaking, dishwasher running and shot glasses (from the boat) also soaking....different sink, LOL.

Need to do bills, emails, and receipts.  Dh also stopped at the I have a stack of mail for me and GG.  Week money distributed.

Dh can't workout til 5, so I'm on my own....which, not gonna lie I'm excited to do alone.  I'll toss in soem GHD and a plank

Watered my figs, lemon and scallions.  Need to water indoor plants too.  Also want to fertilize my figs....the leaves aren't as green as they should be

Cat litter

piano practice

1 chapter

Don't have a lunch have a dinner plan...buffalo chicken wraps.


From: friedchickn


I watched Suicide Squad this weekend too....and I was soooo surprised.  It WAS good.  Also watched Gatsby...I know it's old, but I never saw it and it too was really good.