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So if anyone has some advice I would absolutely LOVE to hear it!

Ok here is my story, and it's a sticky one for sure.

3 years ago met a wonderful man...thru his wife... we were both married. For most of the last 3 years we have been friends our families spent alot of time together, and I was best friends with his wife. Their marriage was and has been essentially over long before I had met them, as was mine, both of us staying in the relationships for all the wrong reasons. As the friend of his wife I was privy to information not for public knowledge and new of her many affairs and random hook ups,... keep in mind NOTHING was happening that was anything more than just friendship with this man at this point. So eventually my friendship with the wife became difficult I had spent time with them both and knowing who he was and how wonderful a man he is I couldnt listen to or witness how badly she treated him. So  Mr.Wonderful and I started becoming very close friends...just friends for a long time. During this time both of us began divorce proceedings.So fast forward a bit and we start dating. Both of the Ex's find out and it is a very ugly situation. But there is the background.

Then thru a crazy....literally CRAZY series of events I need to up and move with my kids out of the counrty. So now we are doing the long distance relationship thing but dont want to forever.  We both have 2 great children each who have been in eachothers lives for years, they are great friends.

The problem is we haven't told the children we are dating yet...and we want to move in together ( eventually marry)and blend our families.

I guess my big question is how? Do we just tell them? We want to plan our move in for about 6 months from now if we tell the kids that we are dating now would it be reasonable for them to be more accepting of this buy then?

We want what will be best and less harmfull for the children, but are torn since we want to be together as soon as possible, esspecially because of the distance.


Any advice would be appreciated, please no homewrecker comments..I was already verbally beaten at another site similar to this. I take no pleasure in the pain this has caused his EX or mine even if our marriages were over. This message is about our children who I love very much and want to raise in a loving, stable home.

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