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Stevo's Book Reviews on the Internet

This forum contains Steve Brock's monthly recommendations of the best fiction, nonfiction, and children's books, as well as a selection of a Business Book of the Week.  As of August, 2013, my Business Book of the Week selections will appear as a recommendation on my Goodreads profile, on a Listopia page, and on the Goodreads and Amazon pages for each selected book. Please look for my other reviews and recommendations online as follows:

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Featured Book of the Month

Radical Authenticity: Strong Medicine for Turbulent Times


David Steele


Personal growth and planetary transformation are inextricably linked, two sides of the same coin. The way we treat others and the way we treat our planet, are reflections of the way we treat ourselves. When we are filled with fear and criticism, the world is a scary, unforgiving place. When we are filled with love and compassion, the world is an abundant, playful place.

One of the big questions is, how do we translate ideas and talk into practical action that connects rather than divides? How can we be authentically devoted to our own values and yet listen empathically amid discomfort?

Sobering, playful, inspiring, Radical Authenticity contains a series of short essays, filled with insights that illustrate how compassion and authenticity used in everyday life promote both personal growth and social transformation.

Healing divisiveness and conflict is not for the squeamish. It asks us to look deeply into ourselves, into what we hold dear, and then to set aside blame and criticism, considering the deep values at the heart of both our own inner turmoil and the motivations of those with whom we disagree.

Radical Authenticity provides a recipe for peace, freedom, and meaning. It invites us to step into a loving, compassionate, and abundant world.


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